National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice

Training Schedule

(Final schedule may differ according to the schedules of faculty.)

Day 1-Introduction to Tobacco Dependence Treatment

  • History of Tobacco and the Public Health Perspective
  • Tobacco Marketing Strategies
  • US Public Health Guidelines for Treatment
  • Biology of the Brain and Tobacco Dependence
  • Understanding Addiction

Day 2-Counseling Theory and Practice Treatment Strategies Intake & Assessment

  • Rationale for Treating Tobacco Dependence
  • Understanding the Unique Experiences of a Smoker
  • Assessment Tools
  • Assessing Stages of Readiness for Change
  • Treatment Techniques based on Readiness for Change

Day 3-Medical Complications Treatment Medications and Motivational Interviewing

  • Medical Complications Caused by Tobacco Use and Environmental Tobacco Smoke
  • NRT and Other Pharmacological Treatments
  • Motivational Interviewing

Day 4- Group Counseling, Treatment Planning for the Common Smoker and Patients with Complicating Factors

  • Addressing the Individual Client's Treatment Needs
  • Specialized Tobacco Dependence Group Treatment
  • Treatment Planning
  • Putting All the Pieces Together
  • Writing a Treatment Plan for a client with Tobacco Dependence Case Scenarios:
  • Working with Clients with Complicating Factors/Special Populations
  • Cultural Diversity Issues

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