National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice

Who Should Take This Training?

Tobacco use remains the chief preventable cause of death in the United States. Health care clinicians working in various settings routinely have opportunities to treat people for tobacco dependence. The Tobacco Dependence Treatment Specialist training is relevant to any health professional who provides clinical care to people who use tobacco. This includes nurses and nurse practitioners, doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, psychologists, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, mental health professionals, addiction professionals and social workers. The training will prepare health professionals to provide their patients/clients with effective evidenced-based interventions for tobacco dependence. Professionals such as health academics, health policy experts, health educators and health officers, or others with an interest in tobacco and health can also benefit from the training in that it will present up-to-date research on topics such as public health and tobacco, group therapy, behavior change methods, and program evaluation.


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