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Chapter 41 Personalities, celebrities, and "famous deaths"

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Celebrities who died from smoking, some with diagnosis and age at death:, Louis Armstrong, musician, Desi Arnaz, actor and husband of Lucille Ball, lung cancer, 69, Lucille Ball, actress, Leonard Bernstein, composer, lung cancer and emphysema, 72, Amanda Blake, actress, Humphrey Bogart, actor, esophageal cancer, 57, Yul Brenner, actor, lung cancer, 65, Rory Calhoun, actor, emphysema, 76, John Candy, actor, Nat King Cole, singer, lung cancer, 45, Chuck Connors, actor, Gary Cooper, actor, Bing Crosby, singer, Bette Davis, actress, Sammy Davis Jr., singer, throat cancer, 65, Joe DiMaggio, baseball player, lung cancer, 84, Joe DiMaggio Jr., emphysema, 57, Everett Dirkson, senator, lung cancer, 75, Walt Disney, lung cancer, 65, Duke Ellington, musician, Sigmund Freud, James Franciscus, actor, Clark Gable, actor, Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead musician, heart attack, 53, A. Bartlett Giamatti, baseball commissioner and Yalepresident, heart attack, 53, Jackie Gleason, actor, Arthur Godfrey, actor, emphysema, 80, Betty Grable, actress, lung cancer, 57, Ulysses S. Grant, general, throat cancer, 63, Chet Huntley, reporter, lung cancer, 62, John Huston, director, David Janssen, actor, Stubby Kaye, actor, lung cancer, 79, Buster Keaton, actor, emphysema, 70, Brian Keith, actor, lung cancer, 75 (actual death a suicide), King George VI, Queen Elizabeth's father, lung cancer, 57, Michael Landon, actor, pancreatic cancer, 54, Alan Jay Lerner, lyricist, lung cancer, 68, Larry Linville, Frank Burns in MASH TV series, lung cancer,60, Lloyd Mangrum, World Golf Hall of Fame, heart attack, 59, Dean Martin, singer, emphysema, 78, Audrey Meadows, actress, lung cancer, 71, Wayne McLaren, Marlboro Man, lung cancer, 51, Melina Mercouri, actress, Robert Mitchum, actor, emphysema and lung cancer, 79, Gary Morton, Lucille Ball's second husband, lung cancer 74, Edward Mulhare, actor, lung cancer, 74, Edward R. Murrow, reporter, lung cancer, 57, Pat Nixon, wife of Dick, Roy Orbison, singer, heart attack, 52, Jesse Owens, Olympic athlete, Bert Parks, host, George Peppard, actor, Vincent Price, actor, Giacomo Puccini, opera composer, throat cancer, 65, Eddie Rabbit, singer, lung cancer, 56, Harry Reasoner, reporter, heart and lung disease, 68, Pee Wee Reece, baseball player, lung cancer, 81, Lee Remick, actress, kidney and lung cancer, 56, Babe Ruth, throat cancer, 52, Rod Serling, "Twilight Zone", heart attack, 51, Ed Sullivan, TV host, lung cancer, 72, William Talman, lung cancer, 53 (lost all of his 251 TV courtcases to Perry Mason), Gene Tierney, actress, emphysema, 67, Carl Wilson, Beach Boys lead guitarist, lung cancer, 51, Wolfman Jack, disk jockey, heart attack, 57, Dick York, actor, emphysema, 61.

From Tobacco Control, Winter 1994, p. 301, ASH Review, March-April 1993, and

other media sources (the names above have not been included in the index).

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